7 Important Things To Consider When Shopping For Auto Insurance

Are you getting the most value from your current auto insurance coverage? On average, auto insurance premiums can increase by 2%. How often do you review your auto insurance policy, and are your rates increasing without your knowledge? Use Just Protect Insurance auto insurance shopping tips to help you find the best coverage for an affordable price.

Tip # 1: How Much Do You Drive?

As you begin looking for auto insurance policies, you must take note of how often you drive. Understanding how far you drive daily, weekly, and monthly can make it easier to select a policy that reflects how often you use your car. There are mileage-based coverage options for individuals that do not drive frequently.

Tip # 2: What Type of Vehicle Do You Drive?

The type of vehicle you drive makes a difference in the auto insurance rates you will pay. Specific car makes and models are considered safer, qualifying them for lower rates. On the other hand, flashy sports cars cost more as they are at a higher risk for theft. Model or classic cars do require different auto insurance policies due to their unique nature.

Tip # 3: Vehicle Safety Features

Several auto insurance providers will discount policy rates based on the vehicle's safety features. Here are some safety features auto insurance companies consider when setting policies:

  • Adaptive cruise control

  • Lane-departure warning system

  • Collision-avoidance system

  • Airbags

  • Daytime running lights

  • Anti-lock brakes

  • Electronic stability control

It is important to note that the insurance company’s safety discounts vary by state and by company. Ask your insurance company about discounts you qualify for as you shop for new car insurance coverage options.

Tip # 4: Vehicle Parking

Where you live and park your vehicle will make a difference in the rates you pay. A car parked in a garage has a lower risk of being stolen or broken into than a car parked outside. Cars parked on streets in urban areas have a higher risk of theft and vandalism, causing higher rates.

Tip # 5: Vehicle Drivers

How many people will be covered under the insurance policy? Car insurance will cover other vehicle drivers, and those individuals can pose a higher risk to the vehicle. Teenage drivers are considered a higher risk and will always increase auto insurance policy rates. Individuals with poor driving records also cause higher rates.

Tip # 6: Coverage Options

Another critical thing to consider when choosing vehicle coverage is to review policy options, including collision, comprehensive, and glass coverage. If you love the vehicle you own and want it replaced with the same vehicle in the event of an accident, you need to find an insurance policy with adequate coverage. Older cars used for basic transportation are generally covered as “liability only,” meaning you can save money on premiums and would not receive money to repair or replace the vehicle in the event of an accident.

Tip # 7: Vehicle Financing or Owning?

Insurance companies look at the condition of a vehicle and the financial obligations of the car. If you have a car that is currently leased or financed, you will need full coverage insurance. If you own the vehicle, you can select liability only, but it does mean you are financially responsible for repairs or replacement.

Compare multiple car insurance policies to find the right one for your needs. Not all car insurance companies offer the same value for the amount of money you pay. Use our easy auto insurance comparison tool to find the best insurance coverage.