Adding a Teenage Driver to Your Car Insurance Policy

Motor vehicle accidents are the second leading cause of death for teenagers. With teen drivers being one of the riskiest drivers, insurance providers often increase rates by 130% or more when adding a teenage driver to your car insurance policy. If you have a teenage driver, here are some tips to add them to your auto insurance plan.

Call Your Auto Insurance Provider

A teenager will struggle to obtain an auto insurance policy without an adult. It is wise to add them to your existing car insurance plan as teens can end up paying more to insure themselves. We do recommend shopping around for a new auto insurance plan to see if you qualify for lower rates based on your driving history and discounts you may be missing.

Review Coverage

Another critical element to consider is what your insurance plan will cover. Price isn’t the only factor to review when looking at different plans. What does the insurance plan cover? You want to make sure you have the right insurance plan to keep your child safe and protect you from financial ruin!

Focus on Experience

While teenagers can pass their driving test and obtain their license, they are still considered high risk for the first year of driving. Help your teen stay safe and keep their risk of accidents and tickets low by giving them hands-on experience. Teach your teen important road rules and tips on how to make safe decisions while driving.

Good Student Discounts

Adding a teen can be an expensive fee, but it can go lower over time due to good student discounts. If your teen can keep their grades higher, insurance companies will provide a discount.

Vehicle Safety Features

Save money by purchasing a vehicle that comes with safety features. Safety features like daytime running lights, car alarms, and airbags can reduce premiums. Older vehicles cost less to insure and still come with some safety features that keep rates lower.

Good Driving Habits

Several insurance companies will require teens to use a device that monitors driving habits for a month or longer before determining the insurance rate. Some of the things the insurance provider looks for include:

  • Daily mileage

  • Rapid acceleration

  • Exceeding the speed limit

  • Time of day/night driving

  • Hard brakes

Compare Auto Insurance Plans

To keep your rates low, compare auto insurance plans annually. Working with an independent insurance agent like Just Protect Insurance can help you find the best insurance plans to meet your needs.