Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Roof Repair or Replacement?

Homeowner’s insurance plans are designed to provide financial protection due to theft, accidents, and disasters. Natural disasters frequently occur, leaving many homeowners dealing with costly repairs due to fallen trees, hail damage, and more. If your home has recently incurred weather-related damage due to hail and wind storms, check your coverage to determine if it will help pay for the repair costs.

Roof Damage? What Will Homeowners Insurance Cover?

Homeowners insurance plans are broken into four coverage areas:

  1. Coverage for the structure - repair or replacement coverage due to natural disasters such as a hurricane, tornado, lightning, hail, and fire if these elements are listed in the policy. Standard policies do not include earthquake damage, flooding, and regular wear and tear.

  2. Coverage for personal belongings - replacement of furniture, clothing, and other belongings damaged or stolen. Trees and plants are covered as part of the natural disaster homeowner’s coverage.

  3. Liability coverage - protection against lawsuits related to bodily injury or property damage. Liability will include no-fault medical coverage if someone is injured on your property and submits bills to the insurance company.

  4. Additional living expenses - if damage occurs and the homeowner cannot live in the home, homeowners insurance will pay for the individuals residing in the house to receive temporary housing in a hotel. Restaurant expenses and other bills are paid for while the structure is being repaired or rebuilt.

Roof damage falls under the dwelling coverage area. Dwelling coverage will protect the home’s structure from certain instances such as wind, fire, and hail damage. If a storm has recently occurred and you notice missing shingles, leaks, and other damage, take a look at your policy. Dwelling coverage will cover the cost of repair or replacement after the deductible is met. In addition to paying for roof repairs, personal property coverage can set in if contents within the home are damaged due to the storm.

Coverage limits are another thing to consider as you review your homeowner's insurance policy. While the insurance company will pay for repairs or replacement, there are coverage limits the policy must meet. Review the exclusion list criteria of your insurance policy as some will not pay for damage related to windstorms. Speak to your homeowner’s insurance agent to find out more about your plan’s particular coverage limit.

Leaking Roof! Will My Insurance Pay for Repairs?

If a recent storm has caused the roof to leak, review your insurance policy. The homeowner’s policy may help pay to repair the roof leak and pay for personal property damage. It is essential to know that most insurance companies will not pay for costs associated with a lack of maintenance and regular wear and tear.

Age and unresolved maintenance issues could be to blame for the roof leak. The insurance company will send an agent to your home to evaluate the roof’s condition and determine if the damage falls within the insurance policy requirements.

Just Protect Insurance Pro Tips

  • Most homeowner’s insurance policies will cover roof repair and replacement cost due to an act of nature.

  • Homeowners’ insurance will not pay for repair or replacement for a roof that has gradually deteriorated. Regular maintenance of the roof can improve the chance of a claim being approved if homeowners can provide records of maintenance over the roof’s lifespan.

  • Older roofs have limited coverage. Roofs that are 20 years old are unlikely to be repaired or replaced by homeowner’s insurance policies.

  • Notify the insurance company promptly when damage occurs to prevent additional damage to the home’s structural integrity.

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